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This Week’s Market Inventions

If you know anything about us, you know we’re obsessed with the process of Market Invention. It’s how individuals and companies create lucrative new market space by tapping into previously unaddressed market opportunities, and we have a Slack channel dedicated to the examples we come across. Here are our five favorites from the past week:

1. Function of Beauty

This is what happens when MIT engineers and data scientists start a hair care company. Function of Beauty lets users create custom blends of shampoo and conditioner based on their own hair (and name, and favorite color, and scent of preference).


The ALTERED:NOZZLE is a nozzle that installs in about 30 seconds and cuts water usage by an incredible 98 percent. It turns your faucet into an efficient mister, meaning you can wash your hands with 1/50th of the water you used to use.

 3. TripActions

TripActions is a business travel platform that makes the booking process fast and easy—and incentivizes corporate travelers to spend less by sharing in the savings.

4. Katerra

Katerra is a vertically-integrated company designing and building affordable housing. Their business model takes the distributors, retailers, and contractors out of the process, which they say improves productivity and reduces costs.

5. Bird

There’s been a lot of change in the transportation industry lately, from Uber to autonomous vehicles. Now, shareable electric scooters are here. Although they’ve gotten some negative press, Bird has also won their share of fans. Time will tell if this market invention is viable, but Bird is certainly convenient for users. They charge just a few bucks to ride, and they’re available in a growing number of cities and universities.



When it comes to the Market Invention process, research is a critical component. It guides the entire process and uncovers data points and trends that can direct you to opportunities for Market Invention.

Trevor Stauffer
How Dollar Shave Club Changed Shaving

Dollar Shave Club started selling disposable razor subscriptions in 2012. In a few years’ time, it had catapulted into the realm of the unicorns.


The Process Behind Disruption

Disruption might be the biggest business bandwagon of all time. But ask most people what their idea of disruption is, and they’ll stare at you with a blank look or start rattling off a set of disjointed ideas.


Why Turnaround Specialists Need Market Invention

Turnaround specialists can be called in at all stages of failure, from decreasing working capital to impending bankruptcy. While the work of a turnaround specialist in these situations is irreplaceable, it can be effectively supplemented by incorporating Merit’s Market Invention strategy. This unique partnership turns a rather dire situation into a net positive by implementing change and inventing a new opportunity for a business to not only survive, but to thrive.

Public Relations and Market Invention

“We need public relations!” We hear this command frequently from big and small organizations across the country. However, we promptly question what exactly they’re seeking. Every organization needs a smart PR strategy, but most don’t know exactly how.


Video and Market Invention

You’ve probably heard of Market Invention, the strategic process of creating new markets through a shift in audience, category, channel, or branding. It’s the discipline behind disruption, and it rests on good communication. That’s where video comes in.

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